The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

as of today

So as of today:
The party has routed the forces from the Workings of Broken Wave (temporarily), found a nice amount of loot and divided it equally among the party that was present. Everyone gets to level to level six or close with another 3600 exp. If you are not 6th level talk to me and find out why . Tilly gets 3 karma points for gifting one in a live or die situation to a party member and doing it with grace.

The party has found that under the main workings floor is a shop 500′×250′ with all manner of basic supplies and craft , repair and fabrication including but not limited to cooking , sleeping area, forges, ores, alchemical lab, leather working area, paint shop, and others. This area has 8 large pillars with trap doors to the exterior(sky) in which exhaust and thrust are shot through from the floor above. One of eight is damaged and has been secured with a 56 cr lock. the other trap doors cant be accessed due to the exhaust and heat present. The door from the stairs open into the shop and easily secured with an immovable rod.

So far the Hired rouge Beadwhin has proven reliable, truthful, and has not stolen or attempted to harm the party in any way.

Six nights and Seven days have been spent in the Shop crafting, learning, and planning the next phase of this plan . Latrom Thead has spent these days and nights reading his new book and creating the first of what I am sure is many undead Vail crafted creatures using taxidermy and disguise to make them look as they belong in the party. Some of the craft ratings are not bad for his first attempt.

1) remove immediate threat(basement of broken wave)… completed
2) hire tinker to learn to run and repair works and pilot Broken Wave
3) move to a unknown location to hide Broken Wave from the enemy that wishes to take it out of the Vail.
4) move or get rid of knolls and divide up city evenly and make this base of operations
5) punish the red Dragon that led the attack and the Elf that gave away the location of Broken Wave.



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