Caricature requirements
Let me just say this… I appreciate all well played caricatures . You are expected to make and play something you can really get into and relate to. If you make an all powerful power game caricature and don’t play it well it will be retired! This game is at its most fun when a person plays a caricature not when a person power games a piece of paper! As I always say “you can try”

1. 3rd level D&D 3.5
2. Roll stats 6×6 chart 4d6 reroll 1’s but 4 1’s make a 20! take best 3 take best line adjust stats for age, race.
3. Must have back-story including the following details
A) 2 fears, 3 desires
B) 3 top dislikes
C) 3 top likes, 1 hatred,
D) Best feature or personality trait, worst feature or personality trait
E) Worst life event, best life event.
4. Race – No celestials, daemons, gods, half gods or the like if in doubt ask me.
5. Any alignment however if you choose an extreme be prepared to find a way to work with a party. If you don’t you will get tired of making new caricatures!
6. Max gold and the like at 3rd level max ,HP roll starting 3rd level
7. Make a caricature you can roll play and have fun with
8. There are karma points in this game…..choose alignment and player interactions carefully…..karma is a bitch! These points can help or hurt you.
9. Have a completed caricature sheet ASAP for DM review, have sheet on Obsidian Portal! be creative and have fun!
10. This game will use critical hit charts and damage to hit points will effect you physical and mental ability to preform so try not to get hit because it is a big deal! As in real life !
11. AS the DM says often…..“YOU CAN TRY”
12. Starting at 8th level experience is divided only among those players that were present for that days campaign.

The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

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