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As a great deal of my life was spent training and serving the Vail I cannot discuss most of my past surely you understand that as the words entered your ears simultaneously my blade would be piercing your heart!

Here … my unfortunate friends are some legends and tails others have spoken of the Vail…

The Vail is an elf land, possibly a different dimension accessible from various protected gateways. The Vail elves are very chic and fashionable, only going out in town in their finest wardrobes. Craftsmanship and professionalism in their chosen path and the belief they are the finest and best at whatever they do is the driving force behind the Vail. They are conceded, crude, and very prejudice to anyone not of the Vail. Items that may be represented or sold in other areas of the world as master crafted would be discarded and destroyed in the Vail for the fear that it would somehow get into circulation and ruin a craftsperson’s reputation or worse get them retired.

The location of the Vail is not openly discussed with those not of the Vail and visitors are not invited rather they are or disposed of.

It is thought all of the finest, most beautiful and most intricate items of the world have come from the Vail craftspersons. It is a common misconception that all Vail folk are the most attractive and some theorize that some craftspersons have forgone beauty of personal appearance to create true beauty and quality in goods and services. Make no mistake though my lumpen friend ,even… the… ugliest… of… Vail folk are better than you!

The Vail, It is only Legend to some elf races. Not all elf folk (low born elf races and elf folk) even have access to the Vail or even truly believe in the existence of the Vail.

Wisdom from the Vail- the Keeper of The Vail (king) can only be retired by natural causes or single combat. Unless retired by single combat the title passes to the first born son of the king. The current Keeper of The Vail is named Phenome the Wise and as he still is centuries from retirement his first born son is currently being trained and groomed for succession.

Wisdom from the Vail- a Confessor cannot be lied to or hidden from and also has a power that essentially destroys a person’s personality. They also always travel with at least 1 Wizard of the 2nd Order or higher. If the king decrees a confession and the person is innocent the wizard halts the effect and restores the person or persons. Also as repayment for undergoing a confession when found innocent one favor from the king may be granted.

Wisdom from the Vail- in the Vail lands any crafter or performer, or professional claiming to be a master of his or her trade that fails to perform at a master’s skill or disappoints consumer expectations or lies to or willingly misleads a consumer may be lawfully retired (executed) at that time without trial or prior approval. All Vail crafted items must have a makers mark and craft score to designate its quality rating.

Wisdom from the Vail- in the Vail lands anyone may lawfully brag and or boast of their adventures, accomplishments, and encounters stating any and all details without fear of imprisonment or prosecution of others as long as no lies about Vail folk are spoken.

Wisdom from the Vail- Property and agreements are recorded by deed and deed of agreement drawn up in the king’s temple by a notary public and confirmed with an oath “by the gods and the king.” Ownership of all personal property is confirmed by possession therefore property not in the possession of an individual or an individual’s livestock is not considered owned unless deed of ownership can be presented. Often “gentleelf’s” rules are applied when in the lands or domain of another. If disagreements arise they are resolved by presentation of deed or duel resulting in retirement of one of the aggrieved parties
Wisdom from the Vail- All Vail folk has a natural ability to assess quality which is called Vailpraise. (For game play this in listed in skills and has automatic max skill ranks at current level and bonuses by intelligence)This skill can somewhat help determine value but is mainly used to determine quality of an item by making known the craft rating (roll made when crafting the item using craft skill). This skill may or may not be useful outside the Vail. Some items are so poorly made that a Vail elf could not possibly guess its value, really how do ye judge which livestock dung is the best? Also all Vail folk have perform tell story skill bonuses by charisma.

Wisdom from the Vail- Ownership of slave or other livestock acquired outside the Vail is confirmed by oath or branding until such a time as a deed may be properly filed.

Elf folk and others BE YE WARNED

*In the Vail It is not lawful to get a fish drunk weather in captivity or in the wild! convict will be subject to a fine of up to $1500 platinum pieces plus court costs or face up to 777 days in jail.
*In the Vail It is unlawful for a woman to appear in public while unshaven. This includes legs and face
*Anyone caught wearing sagging pants that expose underwear will be subject to a fine of up to $1500 platinum pieces plus court costs or face up to 777 days in jail.
*It is unlawful for any person to import, possess, or cause to be imported into The Vail any type of live skunk or malodorous livestock, or to sell, barter, exchange or otherwise transfer any such malodorous livestock.
*It is illegal to taunt someone for not accepting a challenge for a duel. Actual: If any person post another, or in writing or in print use any reproachful or contemptuous language to or concerning another, for not fighting a duel, or for not sending or accepting a challenge, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be confined in jail not more than six months, or fined not exceeding one hundred platinum pieces
*No person shall spit… upon the floor or stairways or walkways of any hall or building or upon the floor …or upon any sidewalk or platform
*The Vail’s law requires that a man’s female companion shall call him “master” while out on a date. The law does not apply to married couples.
*When parking or boarding your elephant be sure to deposit 1.5 times the amount as you would for a horse.
*Females can’t ride a horse or operate a wagon or carriage unless there is a male elf with a red flag in front to warn the other elves on the road.
*Riding a camel in The Vail is against the law and all camels found in the Vail are to be retired upon sight!
*It is illegal to slaughter or dress livestock in the street unless the person doing the slaughtering has recently run over the aforementioned livestock.
*In the Vail it is illegal for a female to be topless in public unless she is employed in an exotic fish shop.
*A riding and or carriage operator’s license can be revoked if the person appears poorly dressed or unwashed
*Dueling is legal providing both combatants are body part donors and have a current donor card to the Kings Magic and Art Scholar Towers (a side note to this law … all visitors are automatically granted a temporary donor card that is kept on file not given to the visitor and all elf that have come of age are required under penalty of death to carry a donor card).
*An elf that catches his wife with someone else in bed is legally permitted to kill his wife and her lover providing he acts immediately.
*Drunken riders or carriage operators can be retired by a firing squad
*It is illegal to ride a dirty horse or operate a dirty carriage or wagon!
*it is encouraged and lawful for any Vail folk to extend the wisdom and laws of the Vail to other lands and domains if one can. Vail folk take no other wisdom or law before the wisdom and law of the Vail!
*It is lawful in the Vail to have Aggressive conversations as long as one of the parties involved consents.

look forward to more Vail wisdom as it becomes available my plebeian friends.

Images from The Seven Cities of The Vail

1) Twin Peaks
2) Autumn Towers
3) Sapphire City (also known as Feygus)
4) Planks Bay
5) Cliffhanger Bay
6) Green Peace
7) Fogs Bloom








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