The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

Adventure Scouts Schrule (School)

As upstanding families had done for years and years limited positions in the Adventure Scouts Schrule have been bid on. Some bids accepted and others declined. Your families have given much to see you earn a place in this prestigious school , please do not disappoint them.

Area 42

Broken Wave restoration has been completed , The King sent others to complete this work as the original party of heroes failed . This is a sealed research city now Known as “Area 42”.

Tiago, and Latrom were abducted by the female dark elf Iimen !

Break through in the city of Broken Wave
Here are the highlights of this days adventure….

The party has become a team. Once the carnage and destruction of the dog men began everyone joined in and did there part. All known dog men and women and children are DEAD and burned beyond all recognition. THE SITE HAS BEEN CLEARED OF BLOOD AND GOOP AND BODIES BURNED, SURFACE LOOTED AND CLEANED AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE IN PREPARATION OF REBUILDING.

The tinker has begun several projects. He seems to work as an elf on meth with OCD and a case of ADD. He is productive if he can just focus on one thing at a time. He is currently working on 1. repairing the teleportation portal 2. building a clockwork large enough to repair the portal. Collecting fuel for Broken Wave. 3. working on a book reading station with a stand and robotic hands so he can read the manuals and not be poisoned 4. building poison proof gloves 5. Teleportation coins and markers 6. a tank for his fish and his friends 7. a supply loading station from underwater surface 8 A distillery 9 a private room with secrete door 10 a water purification station that works!

A list of jewelry, art, minor magic items, and other items is available for viewing. treasure has been gathered and accounted for.
16200 exp each is awarded this round. Also everyone gets 2 karma points for playing in caricature and being true to themselves and to the Vail.

The Bad… during the battle with the dog men the stinky one , Tiago, and Latrom were abducted by the female dark elf Iimen !
There current whereabouts is unknown. Some suspect they have returned to the under dark as others think they have been taken to the dragons outside of the Vail. The party intends to scry for the missing members after returning to twill peaks

Tilly finally shot her bow and found it to be very special!
Longtooth found that his fathers sword has a very dark side!

Great Job everyone! Great game I had lots of Fun!!!!!

New Meat under heat!

The party in the most painful display seen in some time … have made it back to the island in the sky with the tinker. As they approached they saw the ugliest elf they have ever seen fighting with the big dog men of the island. Battle has broken out on the island known as Broken Wave!

The carriage dropped off all passengers and baggage and has departed the seen. The new fellow ( we will call him stinky) that the party picked up and brought to Broken Wave has disappeared. The ugly Elf seems very at home in combat as he has killed one after another of the big dog men in one hit and is currently back to back with Latrom as there is a slight pause in their combat. Tiago is close in proximity to Latrom and the ugly elf known as Long Tooth!

Further away from the main battle in another group is Beadwhyn, Tilly, and Laylin. Damien has taken to the sky.

The tinker and his fish have taken shelter from battle and was able to see everyone from their vantage point until……

An unusual dark fog begins to set in on the battle field…….

No experience is awarded for last session…

Today we kill the killers

Today 13 tinkers responded to the postings and gave information on their specialties and how to reach them. The Venom squirrel was dominated by a fish and almost got back to a pond with alcohol for the fish. One tinker left a card with coordinates and gift… special suits that allow you to breath underwater. as the party went to the location and made camp they were attacked by the assassins that had been following them from there first encounter with them in the bar and inn when one left a calling card on the mirror. They failed in the attack and one was killed and made into a zombie and used to lure the other out and he was ambushed. after resting the party geared up and went under the water looking for something that would lead them to the tinker and they were guided (lol) into a cave by 2 sea cats. The parts is now on a deck in a cavern under mile island in the cliffhanger bay. They just exited the water onto a deck build overhanging the water in the cavern. 2400 exp for all players earned this session.


at the present time the group is seeking a tinker. They are awaiting applicants to meet them at the Grey Bard Inn located in Twin Peaks. Latrom owes 1 favor to armorer Cry Frowner(deal with a disgruntled customer) . Laylin owes 9000 gp to armorer Cry Frowner and Tiago has entered into an agreement with Cry Frowner for half ownership and exclusive rights to manufacture with the new star metal material (if he ever figures the formula out!) The party has been waiting for two days with little interest in there job posting as the third day begins. 11 Days to full moon.

In addition the contract rouge Beadwhyn was promised assistance for him to become a citizen of the Vail and the Keeper of the Vail was asked to approve and or help with this and he did infact agree that the party should keep their word to Beadwhyn and figure out how to make him an Elf (of the Vail)!

as of today

So as of today:
The party has routed the forces from the Workings of Broken Wave (temporarily), found a nice amount of loot and divided it equally among the party that was present. Everyone gets to level to level six or close with another 3600 exp. If you are not 6th level talk to me and find out why . Tilly gets 3 karma points for gifting one in a live or die situation to a party member and doing it with grace.

The party has found that under the main workings floor is a shop 500′×250′ with all manner of basic supplies and craft , repair and fabrication including but not limited to cooking , sleeping area, forges, ores, alchemical lab, leather working area, paint shop, and others. This area has 8 large pillars with trap doors to the exterior(sky) in which exhaust and thrust are shot through from the floor above. One of eight is damaged and has been secured with a 56 cr lock. the other trap doors cant be accessed due to the exhaust and heat present. The door from the stairs open into the shop and easily secured with an immovable rod.

So far the Hired rouge Beadwhin has proven reliable, truthful, and has not stolen or attempted to harm the party in any way.

Six nights and Seven days have been spent in the Shop crafting, learning, and planning the next phase of this plan . Latrom Thead has spent these days and nights reading his new book and creating the first of what I am sure is many undead Vail crafted creatures using taxidermy and disguise to make them look as they belong in the party. Some of the craft ratings are not bad for his first attempt.

1) remove immediate threat(basement of broken wave)… completed
2) hire tinker to learn to run and repair works and pilot Broken Wave
3) move to a unknown location to hide Broken Wave from the enemy that wishes to take it out of the Vail.
4) move or get rid of knolls and divide up city evenly and make this base of operations
5) punish the red Dragon that led the attack and the Elf that gave away the location of Broken Wave.

short session

the party encountered a group building traps and interrogated one of them finding they are contractors and everything is trapped here. They followed the sounds of digging and found another work group. the sneaky sneak disguised as one of the dwarfs and recon the room you are about to enter .

so far and such

Ok , the party has made it to Broken Wave via hippogriff carriage and encountered a knoll tribe that has allowed passage for 15 gold and promise that no areas marked by sacred staff with feathers on it will be entered. a party of 3 knolls were following the adventures when they were attacked by an ooze and Tiago pushed the third into the ooze and was attacked as a result. The party found a creator in a place that a park should have been and in the base of the creator there are doors going into passages. One of 3 were explored and some type of piping and centrifuge collection device was found broken with the main collection pot missing. samples were taken of an unknown substance. Dim is poisoned but the effects are not getting worse due to a spell from Tilly. Currently the party just came out of a passage behind the melted tower and are on surface again.

3300 experience to all party members so far .
1 karma point to Tiago for being in the spirit of the Vail and being a good Vail elf.

In the Beginning It began as such

Damien Was called upon by the Keeper of the Vail(Phenome the Wise) to find the dragon who lead the assault on Broken Wave and the traitor who told the dragons where the Vail City of Broken Wave was located. Appointed a part of the Confessors, under the guidance of Lady Gurlin (Lady Dragon Touch). Given 5 rings to recruit member so join in the hunt. Currently looking for a member in Fogs Bloom with a false sense of security!


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