The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk


at the present time the group is seeking a tinker. They are awaiting applicants to meet them at the Grey Bard Inn located in Twin Peaks. Latrom owes 1 favor to armorer Cry Frowner(deal with a disgruntled customer) . Laylin owes 9000 gp to armorer Cry Frowner and Tiago has entered into an agreement with Cry Frowner for half ownership and exclusive rights to manufacture with the new star metal material (if he ever figures the formula out!) The party has been waiting for two days with little interest in there job posting as the third day begins. 11 Days to full moon.

In addition the contract rouge Beadwhyn was promised assistance for him to become a citizen of the Vail and the Keeper of the Vail was asked to approve and or help with this and he did infact agree that the party should keep their word to Beadwhyn and figure out how to make him an Elf (of the Vail)!



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