The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

Today we kill the killers

Today 13 tinkers responded to the postings and gave information on their specialties and how to reach them. The Venom squirrel was dominated by a fish and almost got back to a pond with alcohol for the fish. One tinker left a card with coordinates and gift… special suits that allow you to breath underwater. as the party went to the location and made camp they were attacked by the assassins that had been following them from there first encounter with them in the bar and inn when one left a calling card on the mirror. They failed in the attack and one was killed and made into a zombie and used to lure the other out and he was ambushed. after resting the party geared up and went under the water looking for something that would lead them to the tinker and they were guided (lol) into a cave by 2 sea cats. The parts is now on a deck in a cavern under mile island in the cliffhanger bay. They just exited the water onto a deck build overhanging the water in the cavern. 2400 exp for all players earned this session.



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