The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

so far and such

Ok , the party has made it to Broken Wave via hippogriff carriage and encountered a knoll tribe that has allowed passage for 15 gold and promise that no areas marked by sacred staff with feathers on it will be entered. a party of 3 knolls were following the adventures when they were attacked by an ooze and Tiago pushed the third into the ooze and was attacked as a result. The party found a creator in a place that a park should have been and in the base of the creator there are doors going into passages. One of 3 were explored and some type of piping and centrifuge collection device was found broken with the main collection pot missing. samples were taken of an unknown substance. Dim is poisoned but the effects are not getting worse due to a spell from Tilly. Currently the party just came out of a passage behind the melted tower and are on surface again.

3300 experience to all party members so far .
1 karma point to Tiago for being in the spirit of the Vail and being a good Vail elf.



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