The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

New Meat under heat!

The party in the most painful display seen in some time … have made it back to the island in the sky with the tinker. As they approached they saw the ugliest elf they have ever seen fighting with the big dog men of the island. Battle has broken out on the island known as Broken Wave!

The carriage dropped off all passengers and baggage and has departed the seen. The new fellow ( we will call him stinky) that the party picked up and brought to Broken Wave has disappeared. The ugly Elf seems very at home in combat as he has killed one after another of the big dog men in one hit and is currently back to back with Latrom as there is a slight pause in their combat. Tiago is close in proximity to Latrom and the ugly elf known as Long Tooth!

Further away from the main battle in another group is Beadwhyn, Tilly, and Laylin. Damien has taken to the sky.

The tinker and his fish have taken shelter from battle and was able to see everyone from their vantage point until……

An unusual dark fog begins to set in on the battle field…….

No experience is awarded for last session…



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