The Vail - Land of Superior Elf Folk

Break through in the city of Broken Wave

Here are the highlights of this days adventure….

The party has become a team. Once the carnage and destruction of the dog men began everyone joined in and did there part. All known dog men and women and children are DEAD and burned beyond all recognition. THE SITE HAS BEEN CLEARED OF BLOOD AND GOOP AND BODIES BURNED, SURFACE LOOTED AND CLEANED AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE IN PREPARATION OF REBUILDING.

The tinker has begun several projects. He seems to work as an elf on meth with OCD and a case of ADD. He is productive if he can just focus on one thing at a time. He is currently working on 1. repairing the teleportation portal 2. building a clockwork large enough to repair the portal. Collecting fuel for Broken Wave. 3. working on a book reading station with a stand and robotic hands so he can read the manuals and not be poisoned 4. building poison proof gloves 5. Teleportation coins and markers 6. a tank for his fish and his friends 7. a supply loading station from underwater surface 8 A distillery 9 a private room with secrete door 10 a water purification station that works!

A list of jewelry, art, minor magic items, and other items is available for viewing. treasure has been gathered and accounted for.
16200 exp each is awarded this round. Also everyone gets 2 karma points for playing in caricature and being true to themselves and to the Vail.

The Bad… during the battle with the dog men the stinky one , Tiago, and Latrom were abducted by the female dark elf Iimen !
There current whereabouts is unknown. Some suspect they have returned to the under dark as others think they have been taken to the dragons outside of the Vail. The party intends to scry for the missing members after returning to twill peaks

Tilly finally shot her bow and found it to be very special!
Longtooth found that his fathers sword has a very dark side!

Great Job everyone! Great game I had lots of Fun!!!!!



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